Friday, July 17, 2020

The Moon and Me

I long for the solitude of the night
When the moon is smiling and everything feels so right

When it shines through my window
And fill my heart with rainbow

When our eyes met and then it said
That tonight it will tuck me into bed

When the moon is here
And my worry’s never near

I know some nights are not as clear as day
The cloud is so dark it won’t let the moon come out and play
I’m worried the moon will never come back
But I told the moon, it’s okay

I believe there will come a time when the moon will shine so bright
That even the dark will turn into light
And the day will envy the night

Moon, I hope you can hear, that I’ll be here
When the sky became clear
And you will come near
And I can hug and kiss you so dear

Happy birthday, Moon
I hope the storm will be weathered soon 




I should send you this, on your birthday, today. But I didn't. 
I decided to be done with you, done with us. 

I wish you wouldn't invite me in just to eventually push me away. 
I wish your action would appear sweeter than your words. 
I wish you wouldn't disrespect me by making me feel worthless. 
I wish you just told me the truth.
I wish you wouldn't just run away.

All of those wishes made me realise, maybe those are actually us. 
You and me are just that, a wishful thinking. 

I love you.
And the feeling is true. 
Even when I think it's just passing through.

I love you.
But I have to let you go.

Whatever the wound, I hope it will heal soon. 
One day, when someone love and care about you
I hope your heart wouldn't be so blue
So you can accept the value of love that's so true.

(Written while listening to Unkiss Me by Maroon 5)

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